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My mom keeps asking me what she should do with her hair for the wedding. I've told her she's free to do whatever she wants and whatever she thinks will look good, but she keeps telling me she doesn't know and doesn't have a clue because she's never gotten her hair done formally before. I'm a little lost about what to tell her, too. Any ideas? My mom is in her 60s with really short hair--about down to her mouth--that's super-straight, though she likes to curl it sometimes. Any help and especially pictures would be nice. Thanks!

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    My mom has the same kind of hair style and she is just getting a standard blow-out!
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    Why don't you treat her to a salon visit and let a stylist try out a few options for her?  Bring your camera and take some pictures.
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    I agree with PP.  If she is really concerned about what she should do with her hair she should talk with her hair stylist and get some options.

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