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Color etiquette for MOB and MOG

Mother of the groom has selected her dress, grey sequins long. I am mother of groom and would like to order my dress in plain material no sequins in the color graphite (dark blue grey). Is the color too close to MOB'S. Do I have to select another color?

Re: Color etiquette for MOB and MOG

  • Unless requested by the B&G, you don't have to coordinate OR the opposite, where you'd worry about matching too much. However, I think it should look fine. If you are at all concerned, I'd reach out to MOB and just ask if she thought it would be too close in color, etc. Some mothers won't care at all, I know mine could care less about that, as long as both mothers feel and look good in their outfits, that's what matters.
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  • If the B&G request a color, than they're out of line.  You don't have to coordinate with the MOB.  Wear what you are comfortable in and feel good in.
  • Wear what you love.  As long as it is not white or full blown mourning get up you will be fine.
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  • That should be fine, it doesn't seem too close, but if you want to call the MOB to get ideas about the style (sleeves/neckline) to make sure they aren't too close, feel free. You get to wear what your want on your baby's big day!
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  • You can wear whatever color you feel better in.
  • Where whatever you want in whatever color you love.  As long as you don't wear a white wedding gown then you are good with anything you decide.

  • MOB, here. Both moms should avoid white or ivory, since so many people still honor the tradition of the bride being the only one to wear white. Otherwise, you may choose any color that you like. But, since you asked, I think your dress and hers will look lovely together.
  • As long as your dress is not white you can wear whatever you want. :)
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