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need help with bridesmaids t-shirts!

I want to order my bridesmaids t-shirts, but I don't want just a plain shirt with "bridesmaid" stamped across. SO I thought I'd put a humorous quote or even like a dictionary definition type thing. 

Anybody have any cute ideas? 

Re: need help with bridesmaids t-shirts!

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    I was a bridesmaid for a friend a couple years ago and we got shirts that said Bridesmaid on the chest and under that the couple's names and wedding date and our names or a nickname we might have had with the bride on the back.

    And is your wedding seriously 569 days away?  Little early to even be choosing a bridal party at this point, don't ya think?
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    Yes. and no, I don't think it's too early, obviously, I've already picked them. I've been planning for 6 months now, and they've already proven to be very helpful.
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    "cute" T shirts are only cute if the person who will be wearing it thinks it's cute

    Save the money.  There's no way that anyone will walk around in this t shirt until the wedding.

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    I'm with ootmother on this one. 

    If you are on a tight budget, I'd skip these since they will likely be worn just once. 

    I'd wait until much closer to the wedding date to order anything if you do choose to get the shirts.  Sizes may change, or you could come up with the perfect cute idea. 
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    [QUOTE]I'm with OOTmother. It's a sweet idea.....but I'd 'lose' that thing as quick as possible. They certainly can't use it past the wedding date.
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    I love Retread!

    I wouldn't use it other than perhaps a girlie function for the bridal party

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    despite what PP said, I'd love to have customized shirts from someone's wedding. I love t-shirts. I sleep in them, wear them to do housework, yard work, and whenever I don't want to get my "nice" clothes dirty.  I especially love CUSTOM shirts with my name on it. Makes me feel special. 
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