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Gifts for parent meet & greet?

This Friday is the first time our respective parents will be meeting. His folks are from Hawaii, so each time they visit us they bring macadamia nuts and other local treats. This time will be no different - except they're also brining coffee and mac nuts for my parents! 

We've been brainstorming what my parents could get them, but have come up with limited ideas. They don't like nicknackey stuff, they stay home on weekends (unless they go to the beach), and generally prefer to only buy and keep only what's necessary. Here's what we've got so far:

A basket of Mexican spice mixes - We know they love Mexican food (apparently you can't get decent mex-cuisine on the islands), but they don't really cook much themselves so we're not sure if this would be appreciated.

Red wine & chocolate - MIL loves red wine, FIL loves chocolate. Whether it's a romantic evening or they split it down the middle, they may enjoy this... but we're not sure they'll be able to bring it back home with the strict HI import laws (this goes for any food item we give them).

Dates - SoCal is known for its dates (the fruit), but they're sort of an acquired taste. Unsure if they'll like them.

Anyone else have bright ideas? Plz share!!!

Brad & Stephanie


Re: Gifts for parent meet & greet?

  • ShakeUpTampaShakeUpTampa member
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    Great post, when my mom gets back from Sweden in July she and his parents are going to meet. I'm thinking going out to dinner and bringing a nice box of chocolate would be nice but at the same time FI's step dad has diabetes and a huge sweet tooth, bless that man LoL.

    How long are your future in laws going to be visitng for? Instead of a "gift" do an adventure for a day? I never even thought about this until your post lol
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    I think local food like dates or chocolates would be good. 

    I might avoid wine because it is heavy/liquid and can be hard to deal with in airports. 
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  • bampersandsbampersands member
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    Shake - I LOVE the idea of an adventure day! Unfortunately this time they'll only be in town 2 days (Friday when they'll meet my parents, and Saturday when they'll attend my future BIL's graduation). Looks like we'll stick with food items for this one! Hopefully you'll be more prepared than us lol.

    Wisc - Duely noted. Wouldn't want their gift to be confiscated by TSA :P

    Brad & Stephanie

  • tenofcups4metenofcups4me member
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    Not sure where you're located, but I would go for whatever food(s) is a local specialty. As long as it's wrapped by the manufacturer, it shouldn't be a problem to get it back in (I don't know the specific Hawaii rules, but I'd say no oranges, for example, but chocolate from a local manufacturer should be fine).

    Oh sorry, I saw you just said Socal -- if you can get the dates already wrapped, I'd do that and maybe add one more thing. I honestly think this is a case of "it's the thought that counts." They'll appreciate the effort, try the dates, and in the end, it doesn't really matter if they like them or not.
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    Where are they meeting?  If your parents are hosting at their house, there is no need for them to get a gift.  When our parents met, it was at FI's parents house, where his mother cooked an amazing meal.  My parents brought a small gift as a hostess gift.  If you're hosting it, then your parents should get local things.  You can probably check Hawaii's website to make sure his parents can take it back with them.
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