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Tips for dealing with moms with NPD?

Anyone planned a wedding with a mom with narcissistic personality disorder?  Just wondering how it went in the planning or even the event itself.  I'm trying to find out what to expect!

Re: Tips for dealing with moms with NPD?

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    Has she actually been diagnosed or is this your opinion?
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    In my experience, the best way to deal with narcissists is to cut them out of your life- permanently.  If you're not ready to do that, then you need to plan your own wedding without her input, and do not expect or accept ANY contribution from her, financial or otherwise.  If she is truly a narcissist, she will still probably make your life miserable, and she will be very upset that you and your fiance are the center of attention on your wedding day.  If she threatens to boycott the wedding, tell her you're sorry to hear that she won't be attending.  If she does threatens to ruin the wedding or cause a scene, do not invite her and make sure the staff at your facility know to escort her off the premises if she shows up.
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