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I am only posting this to say that I am done commenting on any of the posts I previously did.  So please if you seriously feel the need to respond to me or say something, then send me a private message.  And if your only reason is to try and start another fight and be negative, then don't bother.  You are only wasting yours and my time. I am not worth your anger, and you are certainly not worth mine.

Someone actually went far enough to find me on facebook and send me a nasty message, but of course blocked their face from being seen because they are a coward.  Because that is the mature thing to do....

And please, if I decide to post on a new question or post do not come on there just to negatively comment to me and try to start another fight again.  Why everyone enjoys continuing this crap is beyond me and pure absurdity.

That's it, I'm done.  Please don't comment on this, or respond.  There are no questions I am asking, ESPECIALLY on this board. Foot in mouth
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