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I'm really not sure what to get for my parents and for my FI's parents for gifts. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Parent Gifts

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    I would buy them something they would normally enjoy. It doesn't have to be wedding-related. If you want it to be wedding-related, give them something they would still like. If your parents would really want a wedding album and would buy their own anyway, then getting that for them would be a nice gift and many couples choose to do that.

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    We're giving both our parents albums, but we wanted to do something extra for my parents since they're paying for the wedding.  We're getting them a gift certificate for their favorite restaurant.

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    We got our parents something they could use outside of the wedding.  So for my parents, we gave them gift certificates for 2 different restaurants they like to attend.  And for MIL, we got her a small netbook since she was in need of a new computer.  We made sure we spent the same amount of money for each set of parents.  We did make books on snapfish to give to our moms for Mothers Day, once we got all of our pics on CD from our photographer.
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    We got our parents engraved picture frames with our names and wedding dates.  Since we didn't have a wedding picture to put in the frame when we gave them to our parents at the rehearsal dinner, we wrote letters to our parents and put them in the frames.
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    I am currently a MOG and was a MOB. The only thing I have ever wanted is a heartfelt thank you. Well, that and peace on earth. You could do a handwritten letter. You could do a photo album from Shutterfly or wherever you like.
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    it is better to gave some gifts that they could use.
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    Our parents were pretty active in helping us out so we followed the shop like it's their birthdays rule.  The moms each got a piece of jewelry we thought they'd like.  My dad got cufflinks.  DH's dad got a tie bar.  My stepdad got a drinking horn to add to his bar collection. 

    We also did the album thing after the wedding.

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