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Processional Help!

So I'm totally new to weddings in general pretty much. But I'm kind of confused on this topic because I have a bit of a unique situation. My mom is my maitron of honor.. so in this case.. can someone please explain to me step by step, how the processional will take place??

Just a little more info: my parents are married. FI's parent's are divorced. My mom will obviously be walking in with the bridal party, I would think, being the MOH, but not sure how that will work and would love to just have someone lay it all out for me! :)

Very much appreciated! Thanks!

Also, is the recessional just the opposite, or?

Re: Processional Help!

  • How's this?

    1. FOG and his escort
    2.MOG and her escort
    3 Wedding party,  gm first, followed by the bms. Or you could pair them.
    4. Flower girls and ringbearers if you have them
    5. Your mom, the MOH
    6. You and your dad - the three of you could also walk in together, with your mom staying by your side as your dad takes his seat.

    You and your new husband : ) will be the first in the recesional. The order would be reversed,  mom and dad could pair up.
  • Thanks! Those are great suggestions!
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