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Hey girls how many of you offered to pay for your bridesmaids hair and make-up? Who did you use and what did it end up costing?

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    I did.  I only had 2--my daughter and sister.  I used Kristin Colaneri.  But it was expensive--for all 3 of us, I paid around $500 and she has gone up since then.

    Paying for their hair and makeup is a lovely gesture, but it's not necessary unless you are requiring them to have their hair and makeup professionally done.
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    I'm covering that too. I asked them to pay for their dresses though and most of them are from out of town so there's travel costs for them too. Hair/makeup was my way of saying thanks in addition to their gifts. It's not cheap though. For myself, 2 moms and 5 bridesmaids, it's running me $1200 through Carpe Diem Bride.
    Emily :) maierfaganwedding.weebly.com
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    I paid for hair, they did their own makeup. I also paid for the dresses, but I only had 2 bm's so it wasn't crazy expensive. I used Cat Smith with Knockout Beauty for my hmu, hair for 3 others was 450 tip runthru included.
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    I covered hair and makeup for my 4 BM's, and with mine included it was around $600. I used Angie WIlliams-travel and an extra assistant were included in the pricing. I booked her 2 years ago, so pricing may have increased since then.
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    My bridesmaids paid for their own dresses 180 each. I am paying for makeup 700 for 7 ladies, airbrush bride, 2 moms and 2 grandmothers and hair 75 bride and 55/bridesmaid. So about par with others around 1200.
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