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Black Apple Red Ivory Wedding MOB needs help

My daughter is having the bridesmaids wear black with apple red sashes and ivory as additional accent.  Any suggestions on mother of bride dress color?

Re: Black Apple Red Ivory Wedding MOB needs help

  • tidetraveltidetravel member
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    Whatever looks good on you and you feel beautiful in. 
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    The MOB isn't part of the WP, so you don't have to color coordinate with it.  You wear whatever you love and feel beautiful and comfortable in.

    For our son and DIL's wedding, the girls wore a pale pink, and I wore a seafoam green and the MOB wore a bronze color.  Our our DD and SIL's wedding, girls wore lavendar and I wore a coral color and MOG wore a blue/pink/purple print. 

    You're going to LOVE being MOB.  It's such a wonderful day!  =)
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    Find something beautiful...and comfortable.  It's a long day!  Enjoy yourself while you are at it.  It was an amazing day.
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    I have almost the same wedding colors...just with white instead of ivory.  My mom picked out a gray dress...but I guess it's like a silver-gray, or a slate color?  She wanted to not be matchy-matchy, but also not clash with the WP colors for photos, and I think the color she picked works really well...
  • phunluvin82phunluvin82 member
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    Added note: She was also looking at a dress that was white on top with black on the bottom.  That would have worked out fine too...and FWIW, I really could not have cared less if she wanted to wear electric blue or fuscia...long as she found something she loved and was comfortable in!
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