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    i think you should re-read what you are writing. you sound like a complete bridezilla. no one in your WP is REQUIRED to do anything except show up and buy the dress. i'm not sure when your wedding is but if your MOH doesn't buy the dress before the wedding then she has taken herself out and you don't have to worry about unasking her. you cannot unask her without ruining the friendship. and if you really plan on asking the person who is "taking over the role" then think about how they would feel also - that's right - second best.  i would give your MOH a break - she may be tired of hearing about your wedding....please remember no one will ever be as excited about your big day as you are...and that is okay! in the end you and your FI will stil be married and that is the most important thing of all.
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    What should you do?  Lurk here more and on wedding party board, so that maybe you'll learn how to treat your WP.  It's not a contest about who does more for you, and the world does not spinning because you're getting married.  Lower your expectations of your MOH before you wreck a friendship and look like a massive bridezilla.

    Asking someone to "step down" is just a euphamism for kicking them out.  How would you honestly expect that conversation to go?  "Sorry, MOH, you're just not doing enough to please me, the bride.  You need to "step down.""
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    In Response to <a href=" Topic Wedding BoardsForum:357Discussion:e6df2948-61e5-4306-bbe8-14d4377a50f5Post:9e8c7fe2-fb2b-4991-8d62-696c05d508a0">MOH Issues...WHAT TO DO?!?</a>:
    [QUOTE]When i got engaged and started planning this wedding i asked my best friend to be my MOH... we had been through thick and thin.... hell and high water. Well within the past couple of months she has gotten a new man in her life and seems that we have just drifted apart and<strong> she has done NOTHING</strong> to do with this wedding..doesnt call me, text me, or communicate at all or very often at least. I have one of my other bridesmaids who has kind of taken over the role naturally after seeing her uninvolvment. How do I approach asking my friend who is my MOH to step down or whatever without hurting her feelings or ruining our friendship? I mean she is not doing anything that a MOH should or being involved in the wedding at all and when i try to schedule something with her she never can get together, refused to try on dresses, wont plan the bridal shower or bachelorette party...wont do anything at all or help at all...and ive approached the subject nicely before but no difference has been made... HELP!!! WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!
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    Oh, and she doesn't have to do anything. She doesn't owe you parties, and doesn't have to plan them for you.
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    sorry to of came off as SUCH A BRIDEZILLA. its not like that at all. sorry to of offended anyone or came off like that. so removed.
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    When you delete your posts after people don't agree with you, you look like a big baby.  And, you were quoted, so deleting was pointless.
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