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For my mom

So I think I'm posting on here to much but I'm so excited i can't contain myself. 
I've been racking my brain trying to come up with ideas for a memorial for my mom. I even asked on here and nothing seamed right. So while talking with my wedding planner tonight I mentioned some windchimes.
 My mom loved windchimes ever since I was a kid we've had them outside inside everywhere. Now when i hear them I think of her and it helps me know she's here with me. 
My most amazing planner came up with the idea of making windchimes and placing them at the ceromony and at different places through out our day and I just got so excited. This is my memorial to my mother, I've finally found something that is totally her and I'm so excited!!!

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    That is a great idea! I am glad you came up with something. I love that it is special to you but is not an obvious, over the top memorial that will shed any sadness on the day. A note in the program would be nice if you wanted to explain the significance.
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    Oh that's so sweet.  How comforting for you, to have that tirbute to her.  I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    I love that idea!!!!  For my wedding I made  the programs  and in it i wrote a few sentances about my mom. DH donated money to the animal shelter for his brother. I also intergrated butterflys bc my mom use to say if anything every happend to her everytime i saw a butterfly it would be her watchin over me. I think its great that you have something in meomory of your mom. As the day gets closer i just want to let you know it gets alot harder not having your mom with you. The day of you forget all about it and are nothing but happy.
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