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What should my bridesmaids hold instead of flowers?

I am having a simple DIY backyard wedding at my home.  My 3 bridesmaids are my 3 younger sisters and I would love to have them holding something other than flowers.  My MOH is my eldest younger sister who had her wedding a few months ago...I was her MOH...and she purchased clutches for us to carry which was also her gift to us.  I would love to do clutches as well, but I don't want to steal my sister's idea, although I would like them to have something practical that they can keep and use after the wedding.  Can anyone think of anything I can use?  I feel like there's nothing else out there...thanks!

Re: What should my bridesmaids hold instead of flowers?

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    They can carry small fans, especially if it will be warm the day of your outdoor wedding.

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    Fans, Clutches, Parasols, Pinwheels. There's a lot of options :-)
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    A basket with greenery or something?
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    i've also seen really neat lollipop bouquets.... they are also eco-friendly :)
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    An outdoor wedding opens up a bunch of great possibilities for practical accessories for your bridesmaids to hold if you don't want to pay for flowers/think bouquets are overdone. Fans are a great choice (if your colours permit, peacock or ostrich feather fans are a great statement piece), so are parasols, also pinwheels in your colours are cute and provide great photo ops. If you have an eclectic theme, you can give them oversized lollipops. A final idea that i've seen done (that is beautiful) is having them carry a small birdcage each, containing a single bird. When you and your FI kiss, your BMs open the cages and let them go. However, if you want to go simplistic, that might be a bit much ;). Congratulations on your marriage!
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    What about bouquets made from ribbon or paper flowers? I am going to have a silk flower bouquet with antique rhinestone brooches wired in.  If the wedding is at sunset, they could hold a lantern with a tealight candle in it.  Or , if you really like the idea of clutches, do it!  If people give you grief about doing the same thing your sisiter did, they really need to get over themselves.  You could add a special detail to each clutch like a rhinestone pin with each bridesmaid's initial, or a flower. 

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