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Does anyone else want to rip their mother's hair out??? I'm just about ready to kill mine... she is literally driving me up the wall. UGHHHH


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    It's a big day for them too, it's helpful to remind your mom that although you like that they care so much... it's causing you to be overly stressed out.  Ask her to allow you to bring up the topic of wedding before she beats you down with it!
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    [QUOTE]Does anyone else want to rip their mother's hair out??? I'm just about ready to kill mine... she is literally driving me up the wall. UGHHHH
    Posted by seansamm62511[/QUOTE]

    I go between being grateful for having such a great mom to wanting to throw the phone when I see her I feel your pain :)
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    It's a roller coaster ride...just breathe, remember that you love each other, and hang on for the ride.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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    I kind of agree. My mom keeps coming up with all these little tiny details for me to choose/approve of and I can't help but think that I don't care, and no one else is going to care either. I turned over the reception planning to her a long time ago. Thank God there's only 16 days left.

    ETA: Oh, and the latest? Just this morning she calls me to tell me to choose bulletins to order to print the programs on. Because apparently we need special wedding ones.
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    Not to be mean but be grateful she is around cause I would love to have my mom here driving me completely crazy!  Just remember she is excited and she loves you.  
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    When DD #1 got married, we did have to have a sit down together and chat about some things.  We were driving each other crazy and putting her wedding together in 3 months.  We are very close, but it got testy at times.  Once we sat down and talked about it, things were much better.

    Can you sit down with your mom and talk about it?  Do you think she is preoccupied with trying to make sure all the details are perfect?  Have lunch, have a chat, and regroup.

    Good luck!
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    My Mum drives ne crazy, all of the time. I love her, but I think our problem is I am so much like my dad, and they are divorced, and I irritate her because of it. In turn, she irritates me (much the same as she does my dad haha) I can't imagine trying to plan a wedding together, but I have really found setting time limits on things like phone calls, lunches etc helps.

    Eg, if you are getting together to do something wedding related, limit youself to 2 hours (make up some excuse why you have to leave). Small doses really helps me to get along a lot better with my Mum, so maybe it will help you.
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    It's a combination of everything-- we never really got along well when i was growing up, but once i went to college (over 1500 miles away in Miami) our relationship got alot better. Now that I moved back to NY and we see/talk to each other everyday about the wedding, we're driving each other insane again. I am very grateful for having her, and my parents are paying for most of the wedding which is truely an honor. That's not the problem, we just get on each others nerves alot and she's alot more senstive then i am. Latest example: i was working and she called me to yell at me about how i "never call her just to talk", and all her friends daughters call their mom's everyday just to talk, and she thinks we have a bad relationship because i don't do that. I have a very high pressure job and was in the middle of 3 huge projects when she called. she just doesn't seem to understand that unlike her friend's daughters who are unemployeed and still in school with plenty of free time-- i have a tough job, i take care of my house & future hubby, and have been planning the entire wedding with minimal help (other then financially). when i have free time, i just do nothing or take the opportunity to catch up on sleep. she thinks i act like an "insensative businessman" which i'll admitt is partically true, but i've always been that way (and she's always hated it). just typically mother/daughter friction here, high stress with the wedding only 17 days away... BUTT thank goodness for theKnot, which let's me vent and reminds me, i'm not the only one out there dealing with this stuff :)
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