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MOH problems

My sister is my MOH and she is taking her role way to seriously. I want her to show up the day of and be a good support system, hold my dress and bouquet then make a speech, that is it. For my bachelorette party and shower I want my MOH and BM's to plan it together; but my sister wants all of the control and doesnt want the BM's to have an opinion.
The other problem is my sister doesn't like my best friend who is my BM because she has a dominant personality and voices ideas for the parties. This is making my life miserable, because my friend knows me so well and I have seen the product of her parties and I love them so I want her to be able to have opinions without my sister throwing a fit.
My sister told me that this is her one and only chance to be a MOH and she doesn't want anyone stealing her light. I thought the light was suppose to be on me and my fiance not her. :( She is making my day about her, it is making me want to just elope.

Re: MOH problems

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    Sorry she's taking over the party planning, but you really should stay out of it.  If your sister wants to host your shower and/or bachelorette on her own then you can either accept the party or decline it.  Sticking your nose into HOW she plans isn't going to end well.  If you decline the party you should probably decline ALL showers or b-parties; it would be a slap in the face to accept someone else's offer.

    Now, if she wants the other BMs to co-host (i.e. pay) then they should have a say, but that's up to them to assert, and it sounds like you have at least one BM who's willing to do that.  Again, it's not your place.

    I'm sorry you feel like she's trying to steal your thunder, but based on your post she's just wanting to be the best MOH she can be, and she seems to think that includes planning the shower and b-party all on her own.  It doesn't sound like she's trying to take any attention away from you, at all.
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    In regards to the bach and bridal shower parties...STAY OUT OF IT!  The planning process of these events should not even include you so why even stress about it.  Let your MOH and BMs figure things out for themselves...they are all adults after all.

    I really don't think she is trying to "steal your thunder".  As PP mentioned she sounds like she is trying to be a really good MOH to you.  Making the jump to her overshadowing you and your FI on your wedding day is pretty is not like she is wanting to wear a big white dress and marry your FI as well!

    You just need to breathe and not worry about any of your pre-wedding parties because like I said before, you don't get to plan them so if anyone comes to you complaining just tell them to figure it out themselves.

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