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Please help: What is a creative way I can make my mom feel special at my wedding

Hello fellow knotties! I am looking for some suggestions on how I can make my mom feel special at my wedding.  She has been amazing throughout this entire process and I am trying to think of a creative way of honoring her.  I am already having my dad and stepdad walk me down the isle together so that idea is out of the question.  I am also dancing with the both of them so a mother/daughter dance is out of the question as well (too many dances may get boring for our guests).  Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks so much!

Re: Please help: What is a creative way I can make my mom feel special at my wedding

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    Just being the mother of the bride is very special. I know my mom loved helping me get ready and watching me get married.
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    I would take her to pamper her self the week before your wedding, it would also be great quality time for you two.


    If you have the funds, I would get her a bracelet or locket with an engaving on it. Something meaningful or a phase that you two share. That way when she looks down at it she will smile and remember you.
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    I was the mother of the amazing bride on this wonderful day.  I can't imagine anything that I would need to have or be or do that would make it more special.
    My baby girl is a married woman...and now my baby girl HAS a baby girl. Time unfolds in such an amazing way. I've been blessed!
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    Share a special mom story at your wedding and have a toast in her honor
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    Being the Mother of the Bride is special in and of itself.  As a PP suggested, I would treat your Mom to a day at the spa or take her to a nice lunch/dinner and thank her being there for you.  If you have a close relationship she will already know that you love and appreciate her and all of her help.

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    I have seen a bride take her mother out onto the dance is not something that you have to announce but can be special.  I also like the ideas of the PP.
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