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Mum walking me down aisle.............

My father passed away a few years ago so iv asked my mother to walk me down the aisle. She said yes straight away but seemed a bit put out by me asking. Maybe it was just nerves coz now she tells everybody we meet and seems really proud to be doing it. I love my mum to bits and am extremely close to her but recently i heard of someone having their young son walking them down the aisle and thought it was a lovely idea. Since then iv been dreaming of having my own son (will be 3 at wedding) walk me down the aisle. My fiance loves the idea too.
My only problem is i dont know how to break it to my mum and the thought of having to tell her is making me feel really guilty and stressed.
Do i think i should just have my mum do it so as not to upset her? My son wont know any different anyway Undecided

Re: Mum walking me down aisle.............

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    Can you have both of them do it?  I think it would be hurtful to unask your Mom.
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    Stick with your mom. You've already asked her, she said yes and she's excited about it. Have your son be a ring bearer or special attendant.
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    I would not unask your mom. I think that'd really hurt her feelings. You could either have both of them walk you down or just stick with your mom. If your son is 3, it probably won't have a lot of meaning to him right now, as many 3 year olds won't really "get" what is being asked of them. Also, our flower girl was 3 and got SO shy in front of everyone, she sort of just sprinted down the aisle lol. He may get freaked out and not end up actually "walking you" down the aisle anyhow. I would probably just ask your mom.

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    To unask your Mom will severly hurt her feelings.  I agree with PP, have your son be a ringbearer.

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    Dont unask your mom, it would be worse than unasking a bridesmaid or MOH....
    I am having my mom walk me down the aisle and it is so important to both of us for her to do it. 

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    I would stick with your mom, or do both.  Not only would it really hurt your mom's feelings if you un-ask her, but that is a really big responsibility to put on a 3 year old.  What if he is cranky and throws a fit or gets scared and start to cry? A ring bearer is a much more age appropriate way for him to be part of your wedding.  
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    It's super adorable to have the son walk a bride down, yes. However, I agree about the age; it will be meaningful to you perhaps but probably not so much to him. What you could try that would be really cute is to have your mom walk you down, but when teh pastor asks "Who gives this woman, etc etc" to let your son respond that he does. Does that make sense? It'd still have the cute/sweet factor of him being involved and being one of the "men" in your life, but would require less of him and wouldn't affect your mom.

    Best wishes!
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