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has anyone else

Had their sisters choose which one was going to be MOH? I did not want to hurt either of my sisters feelings by choosing one over the other so I let them decide. It did not even take them very long my youngest sister said she will be a bridesmaid because she was MOH at her friends wedding and our sister was never a MOH. I know it is weird to let them choose but everyone is happy this way.

Re: has anyone else

  • If it worked out well, then great!  Not weird at all in my book.

    I didn't have sisters choose anything, but FWIW I'm only having younger sis as a BM, not older. For several reasons, one of which being my nephew (the ring bearer) is developmentally delayed and could cause a pretty big ruckus, especially if she isn't there to keep him under control.
  • I don't think it's weird! Glad it worked out!

    One of my CWs got married last spring. She has three sisters and all four of them are very close. When they were just pre-teens, they decided that each one of them would be MOH for one of the others while the other two were BMs. That way they each got a chance to be the MOH for one of their sisters. It worked out a lot better than having to try to make that decision at the time of the wedding!
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  • I have two sisters also, but we all chose our own MOHs and no one had hurt feelings.  My oldest sister chose middle sister for MOH.  Middle sister chose neither and had her friend be MOH.  I chose my oldest sister for MOH.  But I'm a big advocate of doing what works for you, if having your sisters choose between themselves worked for you, then that's great!
  • They are happy with it.
  • I'm glad this worked out for you!

    You could also have 2 MOH's and had asked them both. There's no protocol that it has to be one.

    All the best to you!
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