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Maid of Honor tips?

I got married in October so I remember enough about what I wanted/needed from my MOH (and mostly got from my mom) to feel like I'm going to be prepared for my best friend's wedding this September, but I'm still nervous about forgetting things or doing a crappy job.

I know I'm going to be responsible for planning the bachelorette party (and maybe bridal shower unless her mom wants to do that), and for helping her get ready on the day/straighten/bustle her dress; but beyond these kinds of things were there any things you did as a MOH that you felt were important to do or remember? I also know I should help her with dress shopping (done), invitations (picked out but I'll help label/stuff), deciding on decorations and favors and general planning, registering (if she needs it) and overall being there to let her vent or cry or whatever she feels like she needs to do while planning ...

This is the first wedding I've been apart of (aside from my own) and feel unprepared mentally LOL!  I love her, and I'm so happy for them, I just don't want to be a cause for any stress for her and want to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible.

Thanks in advance for any tips or suggestions Laughing

Re: Maid of Honor tips?

  • You don't actually HAVE TO do any of that. Your only responsibility is to buy the dress (or wear the dress the bride picks out if she's paying for it), show up sober and stand up with her the day of. If you WANT to help out in all those ways, that's great, but don't feel obligated to.

    When I was the MOH in a friend of mine's wedding, I was there a lot for moral support, venting, the worry calls... but that's more because her FI had no inclination or want to be part of the planning; he left it all up to her and her girls, even though it wasn't their jobs to help her. I think she really appreciated that. I didn't make my life revolve around these calls, but our relationship has always been me as the level headed let's-figure-this-out, and her as the worrier, and that works for us. She said in the end that was the biggest help I could ever have provided, and she really appreciated it.

    Hope that helps
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  • PP is right. There are no duties or jobs an MOH HAS to do. Some might want to or volunteer to do things like dress shop, plan parties, etc., but it's definitely not required or necessary. You sound like you want to be a very involved MOH, which is fine, but I would not stress over it. If you want to plan a b-party or shower, I think that's great. Otherwise, just concentrate on being a good friend.

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