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Anyone used Youngblood Cosmetics?

The salon I'm thinking about using uses Youngblood makeup, so I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it and could tell me what they thought about it!

Re: Anyone used Youngblood Cosmetics?

  • My makeup artist used Youngblood on  me for my wedding day and I loved it!

    When I had my trial a month before my wedding, I was quite shocked at how powdery it looked (keeping in mind it is mineral makeup). But after 30 minutes or so, it had set and looked flawless.

    Same on my wedding day - once it had set, it was perfect for the entire day and even survived the heat.

    I only had a positive experience with Youngblood. Good luck!
  • Awesome, thanks for the input!  I use mineral makeup all the time myself, but I didn't know how it would stay for a full day of wedding-ness.  Glad you had a good experience!
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