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Do not use cover girl out last stain!

I thought i would try it because i wanted something that would "stay for hours".  Well first let me tell you, the color on the outside of the stick look nothing like when you put it on!  I have had used other brands before and they arent the exact same color either but at least they are close.  This CG brand, not close at all.  And sometimes the stain dries out!  So not worth the $$$.  I heard that Loreal inflamable is great, so i will try that next.  Anyone else have this issue?

Re: Do not use cover girl out last stain!

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    This is why I prefer to buy department store lipsticks - I can try on as many as I want.  They're about 3-4x the cost, but 0% of the time do I hate it when I get it out of the packaging.  I'd really recommend going to Sephora or something - you can get their lipstick brand for ~$10-12 and try on all the colors you want.
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    I have used CG lipstain for years and never had a problem with it. Use a little gloss or chapstick and it wont dry out. You could try Just Bitten if you are having dryness issues-- it comes with a moisturizer.

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    I agree that those do NOT match what the package looks like.  Not even close, but yet once I got the right color for me (second try lol) I love it so much!  It's a 'I don't even need makeup' natural look, lasts a good long time and doesn't spread to my glass, FI's face, etc.

    They do dry out after a couple months because they're like markers.  They last about the same time as mascara does (6-ish months?) in my experience and cost like $7 so I just buy a new one.
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    i HATED that stuff I got it too because I was looking for a gloss that would stay all day with a tint of color i dont use lipstick but rarely so I decided to try that and the color was horrible and dried out my lips also more than anything I want something that is going to give the hint of color and keep the glossy look but not sticky. I tried the inflamable, it wasnt too bad but still not impressed.
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