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MAC or Sephora/Urban Decay

I am planning to have a friend do my makeup the day of my wedding, so I need to purchase it ahead of time. We're having engagement pictures done in a few weeks so I thought I would get my makeup done at the counter the day of the pictures and then buy the wedding makeup then. I was planning to use MAC, since I've had my makeup done there before. But now I'm interested in the Urban Decay Naked pallette. (For the record, I'll be buying mostly eye makeup.)
Anyone want to weigh in on MAC eye shadow vs. Urban Decay? Also, can you get your makeup done at Sephora like you can at MAC?

Re: MAC or Sephora/Urban Decay

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    Oh my gosh..MAC eyeshadow is GREAT, but you have to be careful the TYPE you get (pearl, frost, matte, etc. - too much cold medicine is making me forget the other types...)...Urban Decay? - I might have to say it's a wee better than MAC, only b/c the colors are ALL vibrant and you don't have to worry about the staying power. I have both (and many other brands too!), and I might just do a little of BOTH if I were you! :)  I don't know about the oh-so-dramatic look at Sephora, but they might be able to.
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    I have had my make up done at Sephora and they did an ok job of it. Personally, I prefer MAC eye make up but I have some of both. You should be able to mix and match what you would like. 
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    No matter which brand you choose (I've never used MAC eye makeup, so I can't compare, but UD is good stuff), invest in an eye primer.  That will make even cheap drug store shadows last all day without creasing and make colors more vibrant.  I'm a big fan of UD's primer potion, but Two Faced makes a good one too. 

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    I prefer getting my makeup done at Sephora vs. MAC since you can choose from a lot of different brands. Both are good quality, though. I've always had a lot of luck getting my makeup done at Sephora. I also LOVE MUF HD Foundation.
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    I love MAC eyeshadows they look amazing and stay on all night if you dont forget to prime. Im a bridal makeup artist and i usually use MAC on all my brides. But the UD naked palette is also a great idea and a cheaper alternitive with more eyeshadow look possibilities. The 12 different eyeshadows allow you try different looks. 
    There are a mixture of frosts, shimmers and mattes in the naked pallete so you'll have everything you need in one palette! 
    hope this helped you :) 
    If you need any makeup ideas or want some more advice from a pro check out my facebook page, ill be happy to answer any questions you may have
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    I've only ever had my makeup done at Sephora, but I just convinced my sister to go this past weekend and get hers done there as well. The makeup artist takes you around and lets you pick out products you're interested to try for the makeover. The best thing though is definitely that they explain what they're doing, what they're using, why they're using it, what the product does for you etc. They taught me how to do cat eyes and the value of primers.

    I agree with a PP that the brand of eye makeup doesn't matter as much as making sure you use a primer. I just got the Too Faced shadow insurance and I must say It is probably the best eye primer I've used (I've sampled quite a few, a lot of people also like the Urban Decay brand of primer) - I can't believe how well it holds the shadow. 

    Sephora's return policy is also amazing, so if you don't like one of the products (even after a few uses) - you can return it.
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    Make sure you have a list with you when you get your makeup done or else you may be missing some items for your big day.  If you aren't familar with makeup brands and products, going to Sephora may be overwhelming since they obviously have more products.  However, MAC doesn't technially have the best items.  The Naked Palette would work for bridal makeup.  Make sure you are getting items that photographs well (HD makeup). 
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