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Hair extensions

I'm considering buying clip-in human hair extensions for my wedding but have no idea what to look for. Has anyone used these before? Have any recommendations?
They seem to range quite a bit in price.
Thanks for your help!

Re: Hair extensions

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    I wear Euronext Remy clip-in extensions from Sally's beauty supply.  They are $80 ($70 if you join their free club thingy).  Mine are the blonde frost.  I wore them all the time (before I cut my hair) and you can't even tell it's not my real hair.  I wore them for my wedding and you can see them in the picture that's in my siggy and in my married bio.  I also have my E-pics and my lingerie shower pics in my planning bio where I had them professionally styled also. 
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    Thank you! My gosh, you looked absolutely stunning! And you are right, you can't tell those are extensions. Quick question, are you wearing eyelashes too? I'm considering doing that as well.
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    Awww, thanks.  Yes, I am wearing a full set for the wedding, and in my E-pics, she just put in a few individual ones to sort of plump up my natural lashes. 
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    I just bought the exact same type as pp at Sally's last week and both the lady at Sallys and my hairstylist said they are by far the best.  Make sure it is real hair you are buying because fake will not cure I have heard.  Also, there are cheaper clip-in hair brands at Sallys but they lady told me that the type pp and I bought you can use over and over while the cheaper are done after one use.  Hope that helps!
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