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Hair style for a middle age (40's) bride

I am in my 40's  and getting married for the second time.  I didn't have a wedding the first time around.I am petite (5'2") with shoulder length dark brown hair.  I am thinking of maybe a half up style but all the pic I have seen have 20 something brides in them.  Does any one know of a website that would have hairstyles for someone my age?

Re: Hair style for a middle age (40's) bride

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    I say anything goes!  You are young!  40's are the new 30's ladies!I am 37 and having my hair up, but I was thinking of having it down - updo won because it will be August and I don't want to sweat lolHave fun - this is your day!  Nothing will be 'too young'
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    The last thing we need to do is think of ourselves as aging brides!  I am 43 and I am going to do a low loose bun.  Choose the style best suited for your hair - I know mine won't hold the curl the way I want it to all day - and your face.  Forget the age, unless you were thinking "buffy curls" :)
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    I got married for the first time in 2004, at age 43. No WAY do I think I'm middle aged...
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