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Getting makeup done at Department store counter?

A friend suggested I go to the Clinique or Estee Lauder counter at Macy's in the mall and they will do my makeup for free.  I'm the MOH, the bride asked us if we wanted to get our makeup professionally airbrushed, I think that was $50+.  So, the mall counter doesn't sound like a bad idea, but is this ghetto?  What would I ask for when I go there?  Also, my hair would already be done, so would it be weird to go in there saying, "Hi, I'm in a wedding in a few hours, can you make me look beautiful?"I would probably end up buying something from them, only because I would feel like I had to. 

Re: Getting makeup done at Department store counter?

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    I used to work for Clinique and for a make over they required you to buy 2 items so that could cost you almost $50 right there. You also don't know if you are getting a make up artist or a sales person, they are all supossed to be MUA but who knows.  
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    I used Clinique for all my proms and homecomings, and I would go there with all my hair done up, but they are so used to it. If you want to have it done there though, I would let them know ahead of time, that's what I did for all of mine and worked out great. But yes, you do have to buy stuff from them- I usually ended up buying the lipstick they used on me and the mascara or something like that.
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    I had my wedding makeup done at the MAC counter in the mall, so I don't think it was ghetto at all.  MAC does ask you to purchase $50 worth of product and the lipstick, gloss, and blotting powder all added up to a little over $50 and I needed to purchase those things for touch-ups anyway.Do make an appointment with the counter.  They can be very busy and you don't want to risk a rush job or having to go to another brand of makeup counter just because the one you wanted has everyone busy.  If you can, schedule a trial run a couple of days before... I didn't have to buy any product for the trial because I was coming back.
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    I don't think it's ghetto at all, but my only concern is that the make-up artists at those counters can  be REALLY hit or miss.  I'd definitely see if you can stop by one day to see if you can see someone else getting their makeup done, to see how it turns out.  I got it done at the Chanel counter once, and even though the makeup artist's own makeup looked really nice, and I told her I wanted a natural, daytime, soft look, she made me look like a hooker.  Before I saw it myself, I turned to show my friend and the look on her face said it all.  It was HORRIFYING, and I cried in the bathroom afterwards while trying to scrub it off my face (and boy, did it take a long time to scrub it off my face). 
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    I def think it could be a good idea and I know that with most places like that you can call ahead for an apt. When you call I would be sure to ask if there is a purchase minimum. Also I agree it would probubly best to buy something anyway you might think about buying the lip color they used so you can touch up later.
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    It's not ghetto, but I agree with PP, some will require you to buy one or two products. Also, you should make an appointment because if you just walk in, they may already have appointments and they won't be able to get to you until they have a free spot-which you don't want to do on your wedding day when you or on a time schedule.
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