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Best drugstore waterproof mascara?

I know which not waterproof mascaras I like, but not waterproofs.  Any recommendations?

Re: Best drugstore waterproof mascara?

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    I personally like maybelline the best
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    Maybelline Define-A-Lash volume (pink tube).  Used it on the wedding and loved it.  I use the non-waterproof on a daily basis.
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    Lash blast - no contest! I have spent years trying out every mascara there is from both the makeup counters and drug stores. That one is by far the best and the waterproof is awesome!
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    Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes (half red/half white container) It is waterproof, but so much easier to get off than most waterproofs...rather than having to use an oily eye makeup remover, you just hold hot water over your eyes for 20 seconds or so and the tubes come right off.  It also makes my eyelashes look super long.
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