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What color should my groom's shirt be if my dress is ivory?

My dress is vintage and its sort of off white or ivory. I dont want my dress to look dirty next to my groom. Should my groom's shirt match my dress or should he just wear a standard white shirt?

Re: What color should my groom's shirt be if my dress is ivory?

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    I bought in Ivory dress as well and they told me to make sure I tell the tux place that my dress is ivory so they will pick a shirt color that will compliment it and not make the dress look dingy. I would def. ask the tux place for a recommendation! Make sure you do the same with all your linens too!
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    I did an off-white dress (referred to as "diamoned white" by the bridal salon) and FI wore a white shirt w/ white tux and tie (PIB).  It got to be too difficult to try to match our "whites" so we just decided to do it that way - PIB.  A girl on my local board who wore ivory had her DH wear a white shirt with ivory vest and tie: think that either way you decide to go you'll be fine!
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    I wore an ivory dress and my groom wore a white shirt and a silver vest/tie. No one said I looked dingy. We did not like the ivory shirts/vests that we saw. The white just looked crisp.
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    I wore a lt ivory dress and the tux place had an ivory shirt that matched the color perfectly (some ivory shirts tend to be dingy looking or too yellow), so make sure you actually look at the shirts you'll be renting, one shop may have a color that works better. Like pp said though,eEither way no one is really going to notice and you really won't be able to tell the difference in most photos (at least a slight color difference isn't going to be what most people are focusing on when they look at the pictures), so I wouldn't worry

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    My dress was champagne and ivory, and my DH wore a white shirt with ivory vest/tie.  I just didn't like the ivory shirts that the tux place had. 
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