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Didn't know where lese to post here it is! I am looking for someone to dye my wedding shoes. I don't even know where to begin looking. I tried Payless, but they wont dye things that aren't from there. I am not brave enough to dye them myself, too expensive to mess up on! Anyways, any ideas???

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    have you checked on etsy?  I have seen people there who will dye your crinoline if you send it to them, there may be someone who does something similar with shoes. 
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    Have you already purchased your shoes? A lot of specialty bridal shops have shoes to choose from that you can choose from. There is a bridal shop in Reading (Cincinnati) Ohio that dye shoes.  I thought I saw a girl walk in with a pair of shoes from outside the store to have them dye her shoes.  It is called Collorful Soles.
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    Most towns have specialty shoe stores that will dye shoes for you for very little money (usually $15-25). 
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