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Is it possible

to look skinny in a wedding dress. I am a street size 4, which I thinnk is pretty average. Every dress I try on is an 8 and I feel they make me look huge. Why is that? Way to break a girls confidence. :-( I am going back to the bridal salon today and hopefully I will have some luck. I just want to look by best on our wedding day and not feel like I look huge. Any advice? 

Re: Is it possible

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    Hmmm, maybe they're just not clipping the dresses properly? I've been to a few bridal salons where they kind of just held the dress to show me what it should look like and they looked frumpy and huge. But the last place I went to clipped the back SO well that the dress wasn't going ANYWHERE. I'm a street size 4, also, if that helps! Or maybe it's the style of dress you're trying on. I've noticed that dresses with rouching or draping or even a modified mermaid tend to give make me look thinner than a ball gown or a-line or the like.
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    our "normal" size and the wedding dress size are always different. you may feel that you look huge because the dress has not been fitted to you. but once you find THE dress and all alterations are complete you will look like your size 4
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    Phew ( wiping sweat off head) thanks ladies :-) I think that I am just overwhelmed by the dresses themselves. I am 5'3" and I just seem to swim in the dresses. It is also hard for me to imagine how the dress will look when it is made to fit me. Thanks again!
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    Hey Miss - I am a street size 4 and 5'1 - I feel like I am swimming in a lot of ballgown and some a-line styles.  Perhaps you need to try on a more fitted gown - try a modified a-line or fit-n-flare style.
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    also, don't get discouraged if the dress size is an 8, many bridal gowns are sized differently so you could be a 4 and need an 8 or a 10....
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