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Facial before the wedding?

I have never had a facial before, but was planning on doing one the Thursday before my Saturday wedding. I have never really had bad skin, but have been told by a few people that I shouldn't do it that close to my wedding in case it makes me break out. How often do breakouts occur after facials? I would hate to try something new and then totally regret it at the wedding!

Re: Facial before the wedding?

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    Pretty often....  I'd get the facial at least 10 days before the wedding, if not more. 
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    I get facials and extractions every 3 weeks. DONT go for a facial the Thurs before your wedding.How much time do you have left (how many months)Since this is ur first facial you will for sure have break outs and maybe be alittle swollen.Let me know how much time you have left
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    My wedding is in 12 days! I will be fine if I don't do the facial, I just thought it would be fun before the wedding. I'm happy that I asked and didn't just go for it!
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    I'm glad you asked. Enjoy your day
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    Please do not go that close to the wedding. I actually just got my first facial this Saturday, (WONDERFUL by the way! Definitely go another time). But, it might make you break out a little bit. As long as you have nice skin already, I'd say a quick jog in the morning will give you the same glow!
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