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Making a casual dress more formal with a veil?

I just bought the Mikaella 1302 style dress: I'm not sure what veil to put with it. Here's the scenario:The ceremony is at a very beautiful chapel, stained glass and organ included. The reception is outdoors at an estate. The dress goes perfectly with this venue, but might be too casual for the chapel bc it is a bit casual and lacks a train. I was thinking of making it a little more formal by adding a chapel length veil, probably following 6-10 inches behind the dress hem.Any other ideas on how I can make the dress more formal for the ceremony? Is the veil idea worth pursuing, or will it ruin the style of the dress? Anyone see a to die for veil that would match the dress well? Thanks!!! -Jen

Re: Making a casual dress more formal with a veil?

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