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Eyelash Extension Update

So Everything I've read, and all of the advice I've been given made me feel confident enough to TRY the eyelash extensions. I had a friend's wedding to attend and thought I'd do a trial run for her wedding to see how they looked, how long they would last etc. I did my research and found a spa in Toronto that was well known for their amazing lash transformations and had them done there.All I can say is thank the Gods that I did a trial run!!!I am not impressed at all.It will be two weeks this coming Saturday that I will have had them on, and I can't wait for them to all fall out.I have pretty nice eyelashes naturally, but they are fair. And what I was reading about the extensions, I was expecting to not have to wear mascara, and that I'd have these movie star eyelashes.. What I got? long, thin eyelashes.. and I could see the adhesive, looked like clumps of mascara in some spots. The look wasn't horrible, but it was far from movie star, and definately didn't eliminate the need for mascara. I later read that if you have fair lashes it is suggested that you get eyelash tinting done prior to the extension procedure.The plastic (or whatever material they are) started poking back at the base of my eyelid.. very irritating to say the least. So I tried to take off the fake lashes that were causing irritation... they were attached to strongly that I ended up accidentally pulling out a big section of my lashes. As the glue started to loosen, or as my lashes continued to grow maybe, the little bonded clump started to move up the eyelash. So at this point I feel like I have these little plastic things in my lashed that drive me crazy! And they are still stuck like cement only higher up from the root.I read that if I use waterproof mascara it will break the bond, and if I apply olive oil this will break the bond as well. Yeah, they are mostly still all stuck on there. I've been able to remove some more, but not without the sacrifice of more real lashes.I am just so thankful that I tried this now, and that I still have more than 2 months to go until the big day. It takes about 2 months for your real lashes to grow back after being pulled out... I will enlist the help of some eyelash growth treatments to see if I can speed up the rejuvenation process...So... in my experience... NOT worth it to get eyelash extensions! You can achieve a way better look for movie star lashes with good old mascara and eyeliner. Not worth the stress, not worth the money (it cost me $115 CAD) not worth the discomfort.Although everyone has different experinces, I won't be doing this again.

Re: Eyelash Extension Update

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    Try ModelCo Lash & Brow from Sephora. I have very thin, short lashes, and this worked very nicely for me. After about a week my lashes appeared thicker, longer, and they seemed to be a lot healthier. I'm having false lashes applied for my wedding, otherwise I would invest in a new bottle of the ModelCo stuff because like I said, it really did work well for me. Another suggestion I have is RapidLash. I found it at CVS, but you can order it online, just google it. It's around $50 at CVS, and I purchased it for my eyebrows, because they're thin and sparse and it'd be nice for once not to need to fill them in every morning :) It worked nicely on my eyebrows but I only used it on my eyelashes for a few days, not long enough to determine whether or not it worked for that as well. Good luck!

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    too weird.  i had the EXACT same experience.  i did a trial run about a month before my wedding.  thank heaven i did.  absolutely awful.
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    wow how smart you were to do the trial run! thank goodness you found out!!! totally sucks about the real ones ripping out though. if you still have some sparsity when your wedding comes around, i highly recommend the indy sets of lashes- the ones that are smaller clusters. they are great for filling in the empty spaces and are much better and more comfortable than wearing a full set of lashes. if you go this route, stick with short or medium length b/c they look more natural than the "long" ones. and like PPs have suggested, there are spot treatments out there for encouraging length and growth. thanks for posting abt your experience.
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    i have been using latisse for about 3 months now and i get so many compliments! i really cant believe my lashes are growing so much, but they are...originally i was just going to use this stuff for preparation for the wedding, but i honestly dont know how i could ever go back to the dinky lashes i had before...
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    Latisse really worries me though- one of the potential side effects is that it can turn light eyes brown (non-reversible). i wouldn't want my green eyes to turn brown permanently just b/c i wanted fuller eyelashes.
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    i thought the same thing abt latisse... i don't want to lose my baby blues...
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    Thanks for the suggestions. I will look for that product at sephora.All of the falsies are just about out :) a few more hanging on tightly.. not much longer and I'll be free! :)I will start treament ASAP when they have all fallen out, and keep you all posted on my progress.Thanks for that suggestion about the eyebrow treatment as well. When I was 11 I over tweezed my brows into a Nike swoosh type shape lol, and thought it looked awesome ha ha! So needless to say they never quite grew back the same (almost there) but I'd love to try something to make them fuller as well. I'm also currently filling them in with shadow... they're not horrifying, just not as natural as I'd like for them to be. Cheers ladies.. you're very helpful!
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    actually, i have really light blue eyes and have had no color change. as far as the color anyway, they say the eyes would turn gray. not brown.  mine are still the same color. . .
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    Latisse has some very terrbible possible side affects-Hair growth in the wrong area, discoloring the eye color, and can cause serious eye infections....Just got SLAMMED by the FDA for neglecting to post these effectsA safer alternative would be Marini Lashes by Jan Marini. Not as harsh, and none of those harmful side affects
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