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Spray tanning for the day of your wedding.

Hi ladies, I am giving some tips on spray tanning for those who are considering it for their wedding day. I do mobile spray tanning and have done a few wedding parties. My first tip is to always test out the tan weeks before your wedding to make sure it agrees with you. 2nd, Spray tanning isn't for everyone. If you have dark spots on your face or hyper pigmentation the spray tan solution can make them look darker.It is still possible to be sprayed or  or airbrushed if you have a technician who knows what they are doing, like me.  3rd,There is probably a hundred different professional spray tan solutions out there being used many better than others. so be careful, if it's cheap to be sprayed it's more than likely that a very cheap product is being used, and your chances of looking orange are very high. I use sunfx wich is a completely natural product that comes in different shades and levels from light to dark, so i can customize your color. You might have to shop around and get sprayed a few different times by different people to find the right product for you. And by all means stay away from the the mystic tan booth. This is a guaranteed way to look orange. If anyone has questions about spray tanning or would like to make an appointment please email me at or you can call me at 760-644-3228. Thanks, Briea

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