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Tattoo cover up...

I was wondering if anyone has used a tattoo cover up? I saw a kit a David's Bridal and was wondering how well they work. I have a tattoo on my upper arm and one on my back that will show with my dress style. I want to know if/how well they work and if it rubbed off at all. TIA!

Re: Tattoo cover up...

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    but pls don't shop online. you need to have a perfect match for your skin color and you can't do this by shopping online. if you don't have a theatrical supply store in your area you should see if a local dept store carries dermablend to help you with the color selection and also to give you instructions on application. and try not to buy the same day you try the product. you need to go outside and see what it looks like in natural light first and also to make sure you are happy with the coverage and results.
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    i myself have used tattoo cover up and it was from david's bridal. and it doesnt work at actually showed my tattoo even more because you were able to tell that i tried to cover it.
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    Thanks for the advice!
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    My photographer, Carli Kiene, recommended her make up artist Kelli Toal. She has waterproof airbrush that covers it. She quoted me $15 for my 3inch butterfly.  She has a page on facebook at
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