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I am comtemplating wearing lipstick on my wedding day. When I have color on my lips it makes my teeth look yellow, but I am also planning on whitening my teeth before my wedding too, which is August 2013. I usually just put on chapstick every few hours and that is all I ever wear on my lips. I'm scared my teeth will look yellow if I apply any color. Suggestions?

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    Stick with sheer colors in mauves and pinks. Nothing too dark or bright and no shimmer or frost colors. You want to look natural. Select a color that is closest to your natural lip color. You can also use a gloss. A neutral color choice like this will not contrast the color of your teeth. 

    Whitening is a good idea though. 

    Since you're a chapstick fan it sounds like you don't wear much makeup in general. If that is the case, your overall makeup look for your wedding should be neutral and natural! Meaning, play up your natural features with neutral color tones. Look alive and healthy. This is how a neutral lip color and/or gloss can be your best option. It will give you a finished or polished look without being too heavy or looking 'made up'.

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    I wear everything except lipstick on a regular basis it's just very nuetral. I kind of want to do sommething different for my wedding, but I don't want anything too dark.

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    ^ this link might help with your choosing.. It's usually more about what undertone color your lip color has that makes your teeth look white or more yellow. 
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    chubby sticks!

    Clinque and Tarte have good ones if you're willing to pay more, but the Revlon bitten ones are nice too (though I believe their color selection is less natural). 
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