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Hi My name is Renee Hodge. I am with Mary Kay. Everyone has that one person in the bridal party that has NO idea how to wear make up and pretty much refuses to wear it at the wedding. Well im offering free facials and beauty parties to ease that persons mind and also bring you and your bridal party together. It will give you all a chance to spend time and talk about what you would like to do for your wedding and just relax. I'm located in toledo and my phone number is 3304378692 if you would like more information !

- Renee Hodge
Mary Kay Sales
Alpha Chi Omega

Re: Mary Kay

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    a) Vendors are not allowed to advertise, per the terms of service they agreed to when creating their account.
    b) You're embarassing our sorority by doing the above.
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    Despite the fact that you can't advertise on here, even if you could, posting on an international message board when you're located in Toledo (and I'm assuming you're not going to be flying around the country to do Mary Kay) really isn't that smart.
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