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Doing the trial the day of engagement photos??

What if I scheduled my trial for the day of our engagement photos??  I would probably want my hair different, down for the engagement photos and up for the wedding, but don't they do a few different styles while you are there?  Is this a bad idea?  The only thing that maybe could go wrong is what if I absolutely hate the makeup they do and then right after if I have to wear that makeup for photos...  Thoughts?  I just thought it would be nice to have my makeup professionally done for those photos. 

Re: Doing the trial the day of engagement photos??

  • I scheduled my makeup trial on the day of my engagement shoot and was very happy with the results. I'm so happy with the results that I booked her for the wedding. I don't think it's a bad idea but speak to the person you have in mind and discuss any concerns you may have. On the day of your trial make sure you bring pictures that will give her an idea as to what type of makeup you want. For my engagement shoot I had my hair down and will have it half up/half down on my wedding day. I plan to make some changes to my makeup on the wedding day but my makeup artist already has a good idea as to what I want and what will look good on me.
  • I am doing my trial for my bridal portraits, so it will be identical.
    For engagement pictures, I went to Sephora to have my makeup done. It only 'costs' a $50 gift card, and since I shop there frequently, it was basically like getting my makeup done for free. I didn't get my hair done for e-pics.
  • That does sound like a great idea. My only reservation would be, what if you don't like it? Some women don't really like how things turn out on their first trial & may need another to get it to their liking. I'd just schedule it with enough time to wash it off & do it yourself just in case you really hate it. Probably won't happen, but nice to have a plan b.
  • Yes, that was also my concern.  That sephora idea is a great one!  So all I have to do is buy a 50 dollar gift card and they just do my makeup??  That is pretty cool... but also what if I don't like the way that comes out?  The other problem is I think I want something a little more natural looking for the e-pics and something more dramatic for the wedding.  Hmm, maybe I can just contact my makeup person and ask the price of them doing my hair and makeup for the e-pics.  That way they can tailor it for the engagement shoot and then I can do my trial for my wedding makeup on another day. 
  • I had my hair and makeup done for my E-pics and liked it so much, I booked the MUA for my wedding.  But I still had a separate trial of wedding day makeup and hair since that was totally different than what I wanted for my E-pics.
  • I just emailed to ask a price and if they would be willing to do that for me.  I would really love to have my hair and makeup done for the engagement pics.
  • This sounded like a great idea to me at first too.  Until I had the makeup trial from hell...and ended up looking like a manly hooker.  I then told the MUA and she redid it and I still hated it.  I held it together till I hit the parking lot and then started bawling...I had to cancel the e-pics.  Thank god my fiance was there to support me, it was a bad time!  Luckily they refunded my money.  I will be doing my hair and makeup myself now.  I would never wish this experience on anyone...but it sounds like I am the exception rather than the rule, which is a good thing!
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  • I personally was not comfortable with the idea of "risking it" by taking my bridal portraits with whatever results I ended up with at my trial, so I did the trial several months in advance. After the trial, I booked my stylist for both the bridal portraits and the wedding based on my satisfaction with what she did.
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