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Bad skin and airbrush make up?

I wanted airbrush at first and changed my mind but the more I think about it the more I want to do it. I am still debating but I have a few questions. 

I have terrible skin. It can be red and extremely dry. Every once in a while I can get acne. I never have a lot but when I do get a pimple it can be really bad. I usually do my own make up. I have been wearing make up since I was 14 and I have learned tricks to help with these problems. I am actually pretty decent at it (mainly good with eyeshadow) but I really want something extra to make sure I photograph well. I am bad at taking pictures in general so having flawless make up will definitely help me in the confidence department. 

Anyone else have these skin problems? Did airbrush make up help or make it worse? I am sorry if this is all over the place. My wedding is very close so naturally I am a little stressed. I am emailing with an make up artists right now but I wanted to ask here for extra advice. Thanks in advance! 
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