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Tan lines?

I am going on a vacation to Mexico about three weeks before the wedding. I plan to buy a a stapless bathingsuit to avoid tan lines and load of on sun screen so I donl't burn but I just realized the back of my dress will show the tan lines from the back of my top.

I am not comfortable unhooking my top while I lay on the beach so thats out.  If I go tanning post trip will it burn the untanned spots on my body rather than tan? Would my skin even match up if I did a tanning bed? Will a self tanner or spray tan rub off on my dress?

I don't want to be worried about tan lines while I am on vacation with my FI and I would like a plan of attack before hand.
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Re: Tan lines?

  • Is your dress that low in the back? I wouldn't worry about it and maybe just add some bronzer after you put your dress on.

    My mom used to have a weird kind of bathing suit in the late 90s that supposedly didn't give any tan lines because it actually had tiny holes throughout (not that you could see anything). It was something like this.

  • The dress is just an inch or so lower than the back of my bikini. I might just suck it up and undo the back. UGH.

    That website you gave is great! I wonder how well they work it might actually be worth the investment! Thank you!
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  • You could always push the back of the bathingsuit down fo a little bit, then push it up for a little bit. This way all of the skin gets exposed, or you can just leave it pushed down to below where your dress will be and then nobody will see any tan lines.
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    If you get a spray tan, it will not rub off on your dress. I would recommend trying it out before your wedding and spending the extra money to have a person airbrush you verses satnding in a box and having a machine do it.
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  • My spray tan did rub off on my dress. I was airbrushed. But it rubbed off at the end of of the day while I was dancing the night away & sweating too. It wasn't visable at all though and I didn't realize it has happened until I got home & took my dress off.
  • I'm getting a spray tan the Wed before my Sat wedding. My stylist insisted on it because she said it works wonders on evening your tan and the ideal time frame is 3 days before the wedding.
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