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Do any of y'all know how much it would be to get one of our engagements made into a canvas?

I checked pictage, the website our photographer had our pictures on, and they want $270 to order a SMALL sized canvas.

I was wondering if that was about average, or a little overpriced....


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    Their not cheap, but places like canvasondemand.com have 8x10's for about $70.  MUCH better than $270.  :)

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    AdoramaPix does canvas wraps (they get really good reviews for their photobooks) and their larges (20x30) is $116.
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    Ok, great.

    I have no idea what size I want. It's hard to know without seeing it in person. It's just going to be used to put next to the guestbook on an easel, so people will see it as they walk into the chapel.

    Any suggestions on a good size?
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    Ooh yes, our photo guestbook was from Adoramapix and it is VERY good quality. 

    We are getting a 20x30 canvas of one of our wedding photos. It will be here maybe this week, I'm SO excited. :)

    For an engagement photo, we didn't get a canvas wrap but I had one blown up to 16x20 and framed and it was the perfect size to display on an easel at our reception.
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    You might check mpix.com as well!
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    Ok, thanks ladies!

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    I have seen canvas prints on Shutterfly starting at $89 and they also have quite a few coupons available.
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    I know this thread is 2 months old, but just in case you're still looking for canvas prints, I own and operate a small giclee print shop in Mesa, AZ.  We can ship to any location, so that's not an issue.  It's startling to see prices of $70 for an 8x10 canvas print.  Our 8x10 canvas prints, stretch-mounted and ready to hang, are $25.  Sizes range from 8x10, all the way up to large wall-sized pieces of 30x40.  If you're still looking for canvas prints, check us out.  We have great prices, and excellent quality - 100% archival materials are always used.  Turnaround time is great, and because I own the business, you'll be working directly with me at all times, so service will be second to none.  If you have questions, you can call me at 623-204-7516 or e-mail me at [email protected]  For more information, you can also visit the website at www.favillephoto.com

    Thanks for your time.  Hope this helps.
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    COSTCO--I don't know about quality, but their canvas wraps are CHEAP
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