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  • She could very well have had a sick child, and it is the cold/flu season.  If there was noone else available to take care of her child she may not have had any other choice in the matter.  Would you have rather she brought her sick kid along for the consultation?

    I'd give her one more chance.  If something else comes up of if she doesn't do a good job on your makeup, you'll know that she's not the one for you.
  • I agree with puokgirl.

    I actually had the same thing happen- they offered to still have the trial wearing a mask, but I declined! I know that they have a great track record, and she assured me that if it was my wedding day she would make it- or have someone else there. Based on other references I felt comfortable and rescheduled the trial. I was happy with the trial and will be using her. Maybe wait and see how you feel after the trial? Did you get references? That might help you feel better- if she has a reputation as being reliable.

    good luck!
  • it's a sick kid. the child's health and well-being is more important than a makeup TRIAL for a bride. if she couldn't find someone to watch the kid, then she couldn't find someone. jeezus.

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  • Give her one more chance.  If she cancels again, just go ahead and find someone else.  I had an appointment for a trial and the artist cancelled on me, so we rescheduled for 2 months later because she said that was the only time she was free.  2 months pass, it's the weekend of my new trial, and she calls me and says that she thinks it best to reschedule because it was supposed to rain the day of my appointment.  Um...so?  What if it rained on my wedding day?  So I told her no, it was fine, I didn't mind if it rained.  The night before my appointment, she called me and said she wasn't feeling well and had to cancel.  So I told her thanks very much, I hoped she felt better, and I would look elsewhere.  And then she hung up on me, so I knew it was the right thing to do. 
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  • Whoa there crazy lady.  Back up the bridezilla truck there for a minute and reaaaaally think about what you're saying. 
  • A professional wanted to give you a free trial and you're thinking of canceling her completely because she had to reschedule? Was she supposed to pay for a babysitter for her sick kid so she could come give you a service for free? No, probably not.
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  • It's a free trial.  Rescheduling happens!  Since it was for a sick kid, I wouldn't turn her away for that.  If it were a double-booking, I would.  But not for something that is not in her control.  I'm sure she would have rather had a healthy kid and been able to make it!

    Again, it was a trial.  Give her at least one more chance, and if she reschedules again, tell her you're keeping your options open.  Lalanav had it right.  If she cancelled and tries to push the appt back 2 months though, that's a big red flag for me.  Because the scheduling is something she can control.
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