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Poll-How should I wear my hair? (Pics of me in my dress)

Debating how to wear my hair for my wedding...mainly because I'm wearing a dress with straps (kind of a v-neck style), and I hadn't originally thought I would...figured I'd be in a strapless. Fell in love with this dress though.

I really like my hair up and down, so right now I'm really leaning towards a half-up that shows off my facial structure, but allows the back of my hair to drape down my back. The dress has a low-cut back so I think it'd look nice like that, in big, natural waves/curls. 

But, I would love some input from people who have a fresh impression of how I look and what would work best in the dress.

I'm not wearing a veil, btw--at least, if I do end up getting one, it'll be a little birdcage. As of now I've been planning to wear multiple small white flowers in whatever hairstyle I end up using.

A bit about my frame: I'm 5'2"/110 lbs, planning to embrace my shortness on my wedding day, wearing flats.

A few shots with it when I picked it up from the store

after alterations (I had them sew the optional sparkly belt in just under my bust)

Re: Poll-How should I wear my hair? (Pics of me in my dress)

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    My dress has a really cute back to it, and I didn't want to cover it up with my long hair! If I had ended up going strapless I probably would be wearing it down, but I want the focus to be on my somewhat unique dress, and I think yours is unique as well!
    Whatever you do, I doubt you'll be sorry, though. Good luck!
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    Habs2HartHabs2Hart member
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    I think wearing it half up/half down would cover up that fantastic back.  Your back is sexy, show it off.  It suits an updo, and I like it with your hair up in your alterations pictures. 
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    fallbride1109fallbride1109 member
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    Since the focal point of the dress is really the front, I think wearing your hair down (or half up) loose with flowers would be perfect.  Honestly, both you and the dress are gorgeous so I don't see how you could go wrong!

    ETA:  You could do a loose side pony too.  Those always look nice with a birdcage veil if you decide to wear one and it wouldn't cover the back.
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    I would do half up half down.  if you have your hair person available, maybe they could do a loose updo after the ceremony for the reception.  Once you get dancing, you'll get warm and might want your hair out of the way.

    Just an idea.
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    I think you look beautiful with the half up/half down do.  :)  EIther that or up, if you want everyone to see the full extent of the back, but I don't think that having it half down is really taking away from the dress at all.
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    love your dress!
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    First of all, your dress is stunning. 

    Personally I vote half up half down, because that dress shows of a lot of back, and I think that might be too much uninterrupted skin for a wedding.  (I have fairly conservative tastes when it comes to weddings though) I think that having loose curls down the back would break up that skin a little without hiding too much!
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    um, LOVE your dress....i got my dress already, different then i had first pictured too but yours is almost exactly what i had originally envisioned. who designed it? and i like up, the dress in the back is so stunning and you want to draw attention to that...
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    Thanks so much!! I love my gown as well. It was designed by Ella's the product link:

    P.S. The sparkly belt comes with the dress and is optional...I didn't like how it looked in the middle of my waist because it covered up that gorgeous ruching! So I had the tailor remove the sparkly panel from the belt and sew it in just below my bust. So I kind of redesigned the dress to my own liking.
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