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Mineral Make Up for Wedding??

The salon we are using for hair and make up has come highly recommended, BUT I just found out that they use Aveda make up. I have read that mineral make up does not photograph well. We are spending a lot on photos so I want to make sure they look great. Has anyone used Aveda make up on their wedding day? Did it last? Did it photograph well?

Re: Mineral Make Up for Wedding??

  • I'd photograph it after my trial and see how it turned out.  Make sure to use a flash!

    Some mineral makeup photographs poorly because it has particles that reflect light.  I have a  mineral powder that does not, so it photographs quite well.

  • I was also under the impression that mineral makeup photographed poorly, but I used only mineral powder for my engagement session & it came out great. I was actually really worried about it. It came out very natural. Like the PP said, experiment and take pictures. But also remember that the quality of pictures coming from your camera will be much lower quality than the pics from your photog.

    Here's an example:
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    sorry loves mineral makeup can photograph terribly.  The minerals deflect the light so you look washed out.  Also be careful of foundations with SPF since it does the same thing.  Also doesnt have staying good sweat and buh bye makeup.  I found this out from my MUA for my wedding, she works with fashion photographers  so she knows all sorts of fun things.  She used MAC on my and that stuff stayed put and pretty even though i had to hike for hours in 90 degree humidity for our E pics. looked amazing well after i got back to Boston at 1 am that night.

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