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I have a tattoo on my shoulder of a sun. And my dress is strapless. I really would like some advice of how to cover it. On the day of the wedding I'm getting my makeup done so i need easy ideas.

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  • I heard kat Von D has good cover up for tats. They sell it in Sephora, if you have one nearby, ask to sample it!
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  • Yes the kat von d does work well!  The pencil that you put on first as a base is a must  in my experienc!  I used that pencil with Dermablend makeup!  But just play with it and see if which brand has a good color for you because they have to match really well! I do it for work so let me know if you have any questions!  I can try and help!
  • They sell a kit at David's Bridal. I've never used it... I just saw it there.
  • If you don't go with the Kat VonD pencil, use any taupe eyebrow pencil, blend it out, and then conceal. I am very impressed that she came out with that, though. The neutralizing of the tattoo is so important, and it doesn't seem like any tattoo cover up kit has it!
  • Macys has one too

  • JCPenneys stae=ted to me that the Kat Von D product doesn't work really well. Better off using a dark concealer. I saw on TV called Smart Cover what about that or the CM Cover at Davids Bridal
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    Not sure how serious you are about total coverage, but I have read that coving the tatoo in red lipstick and then using concealer over that with powder is the only way to give you total coverage. Tatoo coverups are usually not thick enough, but the red lipstick is and then you coverup the red, which a lot of coverups are made for covering.
  • I don't understand why people with tattoos want to cover them up?
  • Well I like mine but I wish it was somewhere else.
  • I have the same issue. I read some reviews of the Kat Von D product, and they all say its a great concealer, but that most people don't use it for tattoos. And I hate to spend $40 on a tube of concealer that I literally need for one day, I was hoping there was some trick with my own makeup or if I could go somewhere that morning and have them cover it.

    Did you get any info or find a good product? Will you let me know if you do?
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