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Primer and setting powder.. for srs or can you go without?

Hi ladies!

Can I just say this board is fabulous?  I'm not around too often, but when I am, you girls have great tips.

I'm going the DIY route with regard to my make-up.  I have the important stuff, like foundation and blush and all of that for the wedding, and I've even practiced and actually feel pretty confident about doing my make-up myself.  I have not, however, purchased primer or setting powder.  I keep waffling on these.  I'm not necessarily opposed to spending the money, I just don't really know how necessary they actually are.  What are your opinions?  Should I use them, or should I just stick with my foundation?  I'll also say that I'm not anticipating a hot day for the wedding (knockonwood), early October in Maine, so it should be cool.  Wasn't sure if that might sway some of you or not.

Thanks so much for your help!
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