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Hair test run before bridals?

I'm getting my bridals taken at the end of this month and was planning on doing my 'pre-wedding day' hair test drive the day of the bridals...but then it occured to me that what if I hated my hair then and then I'm stuck with a bad hair style for my bridals? 

Should I schedule an appointment in the next few weeks for a test run of my hair before my bridals so I'm sure I'll like it for the pictures AND wedding day? 

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Re: Hair test run before bridals?

  • Go for it. Most of the time they will do a great job unless you really hate it

  • Alot of girls use the trial for their bridals, but yes, it's a risk.  Personally, I would do the trial and then my bridals but it really depends on whether you want to pay twice. 
  • That's a tough question....I just had a trial and it sucked.  My stylist did my hair before my company holiday party and it was much more formal than i want for our beachside wedding.  I explained that i wanted something softer as she was doing it, but she continued.  By the end, i told her it was not at all what i was looking for, but it worked for the party.  I still paid, though it was much cheeper since it wasn't what I really wanted.  I've got another appt in 2 weeks...with more pics for inspiration. 
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  • Thanks ladies! I knew I could count on you guys! I think I decided that I'm going to go ahead and schedule a trial BEFORE the bridals. I would hate to hate the trials and be totally stuck with it for my bridals. 

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