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So I have naturally curly hair (down to my butt) that I have been straightening for the last 13 now the curls aren't as pretty or kinky at the roots or very bottom of my stylist told me when it comes to my wedding day hair, to NOT straighten it because the curling iron curls will not hold as long...that she will be able to get it smooth and sleek with her curling iron and flat iron as she's this true or should I go ahead and have my hair straight when I get it done?

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    Dude, why don't you trust your stylist?

    Do what she says.

    If you don't trust her enough to follow her directions, then find a stylist you trust.
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    Listen to your stylist, but also do a trial WITH her and try it both ways.
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    i agree with michelle. try it both ways.
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    I have curly hair and straighten it often as well.  Your stylist is right..don't straighten it..let it dry naturally so it has the oils.  You will strip your hair of the natural oils when you straighten need it to style.  From one curly headed woman to another- TRUST what she told you!
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    Ok, thank you ladies...I'm doin a half up half down style, so I guess I was just worried about the half down part...but I am doing a trial run first, so we will see.
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