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okay so my hair is pretty much to my shoulders- i went for my hair trial and she curled it but it didnt stay... i felt like my hair looked like one of those old geezer ladies in vegas at the slot machines- ugh i hated it. I feel like i cant do ANYTHING w/ my hair. Everytime i put curl in my hair, it comes out....

does anyone have pics or ideas for hair styles for girls w/ short hiar??? PLS HELP IM GOING NUTS!


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    My hair doesn't hold curl very well either.  Good thing you went for a trial first!  I haven't gone for one yet but my wedding isn't until June.  My hair is a a few inches past my shoulders (I'm letting it grow), but I plan on using LOTS of hairspray and trying out several different styles to see what works.  

    Are you wearing a veil?  And if so, what type?  Or any hair jewelry?  Is your hair thick or thin?  And are you really wanting to wear it down, up, or are you just open to anything?  I would google some photos for you, but I'm not really sure what would work with your hair or not...  I would just try out several different styles.  If your hair doesn't hold curl very well, then you might have to opt for an updo.  I've found that my hair stays in place best when the curls are all pinned down and heavily sprayed, of course, but this isn't what I'd like for my wedding day and I'm not sure you would either...

    By the way, thank you for giving me a good laugh about the "old geezer ladies in Vegas at the slot machines..."  LOL, at least you're able to laugh about it!  I'm sure you will find somehing...good luck!  :-)      
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    What about a classic updo?

    You could do something clean like this:

    Or something kind of natural:

    Really anything!

    My hair barely passes my chest and I really wanted to wear it down curled, but another option I'm looking into is extensions! haha

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    thanks so much ladies for all your input and help! its been great. I loved  the first updo pic you sent the link to- im just afraid either A. my bangs wont hold to do that or B. my hair isnt long enough. thanks for the links your so sweet! 

    I actaully went to WalGreens and got some CHI heat protectant spray (which helps to protect your hair from damage when your either straightening it or culing it..) and you spray it on your hair when your about to apply heat, so i went home ( keep in mind that my hair was straightened w/ a straightner hrs before) and applied the spray and i used a small curling iorn and it came out in ringlets but i just combed it out so they were more waves...and it came out gorgeous! my FI was in lovee...he loved it. so i took a pic and am going to bring it to the stylist for a 2nd go around- i have to take a deep breath ahhaha...but anyway im goin to take the pics and see if she can do it that way but also put it half back....:) i dont want to do it my wedding day AND i dont wanna stress etc thanks ladies for all the hlep your awesome :) Ill keep you updated!
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    I hope your hair trial works out! And yes, keep us updated with pics!
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    o totally thanks so much!
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