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Alternative to braces?

So I had braces when I was in junior high and didn't wear my retainer so now they are slightly crooked again. I can notice them and I want to have straigt teeth for my wedding. I don't have enough time to do braces...just wondering if someone knows a faster way to get my teeth straight that is relatively affordable?


Re: Alternative to braces?

  • I did the exact same thing! And I actually decided to get it fix about a year ago. I really didn't want metal braces but I went into the orthodontis to see if I could do invisiline and my ortho told me that it would take a lot longer and I would have to come in every 2 weeks to get a new tray, plus it was also more expensive. So I went with metal braces and it wasn't too terrible I only had them on for 4 months and my teeth are perfect now. I would suggest going in to an orthodontis and see what they suggest is the best route. It really will just depend on how crooked they are and how much time you have.
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  • Invisilign is expensive but it is an alternative -- my FI uses them and you don't even see them :)
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    If you can't do anything in time then -

    Seriously no one cares if your teeth are slightly crooked.  Guests, family, friends, and especially your fiance will be looking at the joy in your face, how your heart skips a beat when you see your fiance, and your smile :)

    I have crooked teeth and I don't care.  It's who I am.  When I have perfect teeth, it'll probably be because all my teeth fell out, and I have to wear dentures :D

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  • I have had invisilign for over a year now, they are the best! My teeth are straighter than ever, and it fixed my bite. I will be done in three months. They are on the expensive side, but you can also do a faster version of invisilign (Invisilign express) and depending on your teeth, be done in 4-5 months.
  • Thanks everyone! I need to figure out what my dental insurance covers but I would prefer invisalign, just don't think I have them time...10 months today~
  • You have plenty of time, especially if your teeth are only a little crooked. My FI's teeth were very crooked - they even removed a tooth to make room for all his teeth to line up. He got the regular metal braces and is supposed to be getting them off right before the wedding [fingers crossed] and will have worn them for a total of 8 months. It's a lot faster as an adult because they typically don't worry about your bite [if you have an overbite or something]. And since you've already had braces, it shouldn't take you long at all! Make an appt now!

  • I'm in the middle of doing invisalign.  Love that I can just take them out for pictures etc.  Unfortunately I won't be done by the wedding, but it really depends on your teeth.  At least, I figure they will be straighter by then :)
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  • Definitely look into invisaline.  It ended up being about the same price as regular braces and I want to say it was 8 months or so.  I did the full invisaline instead of express because there was actually a pretty significant difference between the results if you got the express or the full and the price wasn't much difference.  My insurance also covered it as much as they would have covered braces.  Also - my dentist gave me two trays at a time so there were only monthly visits instead of every two week visits.  And now, if I forget to wear my retainer for a couple ngihts - I can pop in my last invisaline tray to fix any movement.  :)
  • 10 months is plenty of time for the Invisaline Express, I was done with mine in 8 months, and now have to wear a retainer to finish things up.  They are great, and you shouldn't have to see your doctor bi-weekly, they are to be put in for 3 weeks at a time, and I was given 3 trays at once. 
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