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Suffering from KP :(

Is anyone else suffering from KP (Keroitis Polaris)? I have it on the back of my upper arms and HATE IT! It looks like tiny red bumps - that I defiantly do NOT want on my wedding day! I have 6 months to figure out how to get rid of them or at least to where they are not so red. I have a derm and we have tried a million things under the sun but to no avail. Any suggestions?

Re: Suffering from KP :(

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    Well, if your dermatologist has been trying things with no success, I say the likelihood of someone on a message board coming up with something is kind of small. 

    If you're that upset about them, I suggest wearing a smart little jacket or bolero
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    Photoshop does wonders. 
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    I have this also and, like you, HATE it. It is actually what I am most self conscious about on my wedding day because I have some scars from it on the back on my arms. Unfortunately I don't have much advice because I haven't found anything to help with the scars but I do use a lotion that has helped with the bumps. I am using Jergen's Skin Smoothing Cellular Renewal Moisturizer (the ingredient AHA is what's important) and I do think it has helped calm down the bumps, I also use an exfoliating body wash and I think that helps as well. Have you tried either of these things?
    I am just so upset about the scars, my wedding is only 3 weeks away so there's not much I can do now other than use some concealer, which I honestly think I'll do.
    Sorry I'm not much help but if nothing else, I totally feel your pain.
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    I had these on my wedding day :( but the photog did a good job of editing so you can't see them in my photos.  To calm them down, I used an exfoliant with salicylic acid and then OIl of Olay's shower lotion - it's a lotion you put on while you're in the shower, do something else like shave your legs, then rinse off before you get out.  When you dry, just pat with your towel (no wiping, it will remove some of the moisture).  It didn't make them go away entirely but it helped reduce the look of them.  GL!
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    I used to have the same problem but make sure to exfoliate and lotion after EVERY shower. It helps a lot! Don't pick at them, that makes them wayy worse. You'll look beautiful!! Don't worry!!
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    they sell a product at Ulta or Sephora made just fo this. It's costly-like 30-40 dollars but people swear by it.
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    My FI has a really bad case of KP. It's all over his arms, shoulders, back and chest, and his face (though smooth) gets bright red/purple. I don't have any advice as to how to get rid of it, but I can tell you one thing: your loved ones (aka your FI and all the guests at your wedding) don't even notice it.

    Try some of the other Knotties' suggestions. However, if you still have a few bumps on your wedding day, please, please, please don't even think about it. No one else will. Promise.

    Congrats on your wedding!
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    My friend has this on her arms and her face, and she didn't try to cover it on her wedding day. Truly, I don't think anyone noticed. She looked just like herself, and everyone loves her, KP or not. She looked gorgeous and glowing, and you will too.
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    If you're worried that you'll feel uncomfortable, try consulting with an airbrush artist to see if they can cover it up.  They can cover up tattoos and redness, so maybe it will work for your KP, too.  I know of a bride who broke out in a terrible bumpy rash on her wedding day and the airbrush artist was able to totally cover it up.

    By airbrush artist, I mean a makeup artist who does airbrushing.
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    I have it too and I hate it. Sometimes it's barely noticeable, but when it's bad, it's gross.  I've been to dermatologists and unfortuanately, there's no cure, you can only try to treat it. There's a product out there called KP Dermadoctor. You can buy it at Sephora and the product has a web site as well  (just google it).

    I haven't tried it yet, but it's on list of things to do soon. I've read customer reviews online and it works for some people, not so well for others. But I figure it's worth a shot.
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    Thanks for all your kind words!! I'm sure (I hope) it will be the last thing on my mind on my wedding day. KP sucks! :) I will look for some of the products people have mentioned and keep a positive attitude. Y'all are great!!
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    i have KP on my arms and face, too. it's something that ive had for as long as i can remember and at this point it doesn't bug me. for me, it calms down a bit in warmer weather and using an exfoliant helps.
    and like SarahPLiz said, if you don't make a fuss about it, no one will notice. :)
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    I do, and trust me, nothing I do has worked for it. It clears up for a couple months, then comes back with a vegence, and I can't figure out the rhyme or reason as to why. For the wedding, I wore a little jacket during pics/reception, which helped cover it up. I opted not to wear one during the ceremony though, which was a HUGE mistake - if you take a look at my photo's, you'll see that not only am I having an allergic reaction to my veil, but the bumps are out in all their glory.

    And that was with makeup on my arms. Lovely, huh?

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    I started using KP Duty products by dermadoctor before the wedding and noticed a great improvement.

    It was worth it and even H noticed the difference.
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    try using either the coco butter stick or the coco butter lotion it does wonders for scarring, stretchmarks, and really dry skin. best of luck to you.
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    I used to have it on my arms really bad, but the older I get, the more it calms down.  I do have some light scarring from it though.  My derm prescribed a lotion with lactic acid in it (I forget the name) and that helped some.  Also, the more sun I got, the less noticeable it was; however, then you run the risk of too many UV rays unfortunately.
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    Also have KP and got the dermadoctor stuff off amazon. It has worked pretty well, you just have to be consistent and always use lotion - everyday, twice if you can. I've actually also found that sweating helps (working out) and sunlight helps me too. All of this stuff takes some time though - you might not notice any results after only one or two (or three or five) times.

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